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Dec 4

Singing in the Rain

Posted on Thursday, December 4, 2008 in Gift Guide, Shopping Spree, Wallet Wise

I have the fondest memory of a spring time torrential down pour at the age of 8. The rain came for hours. Every house I lived in growing up always had the best puddles after a storm. At this house, the pools were deceivingly deep between the ridge of the lawn and the street. The dark green grass camouflaged the quick drop in elevation and set up the perfect setting for pretend play. My mom was home and for whatever reason that day granted my brother and me carte blanche to play outside in the rain. We were outfitted with thick slicker coats, boots and umbrellas. I remember being overcome by excitement and fear as the large rain drops hit my umbrella. I felt chills run down my back as the rain dripped down my coat. Between shrills and laughter I remember looking up at my mom under the overhang of the house smiling down on us.

 When dressed properly, being caught in the rain can be the time of your life.  

The rain boot provides a purposeful function and is no longer reserved for toddlers and Paddington Bear. Today, many designers have youthful patterns to remind you to get out and play or opt for the fashionable styles to match your most posh outfit. 

from left to right: Hunter  $115 / Tretorn   $42 / Chinese Laundry  $48  / Chooka $60 

EMU Australia  $59 / Kamik  $40 / SPERRY  $75 /  Lily Pulitzer $69 / Burberry $195