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Dec 29

Favorite T.V. Series

Posted on Monday, December 29, 2008 in Favorite Finds

Were you too busy to catch all the prime TV shows this season? Maybe you don’t have Showtime or HBO or have never seen the original series that are stealing Emmy nominations year after year.  Take the opportunity this winter to cuddle up and rent a series. If you have the Apple TV or a subscription to Netflix here are some of my most favorite suggestions. 

  1. 30 Rock- NBC - Currently ½ way through Third Season
  2. Californication- HBO- Second Season just wrapped up
  3. Deadwood- HBO- Three Seasons Completed, Future Unknown
  4. Dexter- Showtime - Third Season just wrapped up
  5. Lost- NBC- New Season begins January 21st
  6. Mad Men- AMC- Second Season just wrapped up
  7. Nip/ Tuck- FX New Season Begins January 6th
  8. Sons of Anarchy- First Season just wrapped up
  9. Sopranos- HBO- Series Over
  10. The Office- NBC- Currently ½ way through Fifth Season
  11. The Wire- HBO - Season Over
  12. The Shield- FX Series Over
  13. Weeds- Showtime Fourth Season wrapped up