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Cheek Pain & Belly Aches

Posted on Wednesday, December 3, 2008 in Ticket Trips

Thanksgiving ‘08 was the first 4 full days with no travel and spent just my husband and me, a true opportunity to start new traditions. Knowing that Thanksgiving Day was going to be full of entertaining, stress and messes I looked for something to do the night before. There was no way he would attend the blowing up of Macy’s Balloons and little chance that I wanted to rage it out like a 21 yr. old (no offense).  I stumbled upon Ticket Master’s Monthly email and saw comedian Jim Gaffigan was adding a new night to his tour in NYC. I figured there is no better tradition than one that gives you belly aches and cheek pains from non-stop laughter. 

Jim Gaffigan’s Sexy Tour was at Town Hall in New York City. He is currently on Itunes Comedy Central Presents if you aren’t familiar with him. I bought the tickets without consulting my husband and I am glad I didn’t flinch! Town Hall is a small auditorium setting so there really aren’t bad seats. No booze inside, so after we chugged our vodka sodas we took our seats. We had aisle seats in the second row which I am sure contributed to the experience. The opener was great. The show started right on-time and lasted 1½ hours.

The second comedy show I attended this year was at Gotham Comedy Club in New York City. I was told that they just finished remodeling the space in spring ‘08. The venue includes two semi-circles of forum seating and round tables through out. You might find your self sharing with strangers, but what the hell make friends. My show included 2 opening acts and 1 headliner. They serve light fare menus and drinks throughout the show. There are typically two shows a Friday/ Saturday night and I would suggest the later one. Each comedian was talented and worth the money.  Gotham is a place for less known comedians, but if you’re lucky celebrity comedians pop by to test out their new jokes. Many stars are on the walls. 

Chris Rock’s No Apologies Tour has concluded but keep it on the radar for when he tours next. As you can imagine it was a production, WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden is a large auditorium venue offering t.v. screens for close ups, sponsored alcohol booths and a full stage set. Chris Rock is one of the greats in comedy and demands respect and attention when on the stage. The crowd was loud and appreciative and his show lasted 2 hours. Opener, Mario Joyner, was hysterical and warmed up the audience. Expect lots of current news, political commentary, racial jokes, sex talk, and cursing. 

Never underestimate the gift of laughter.

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