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Holiday Tips

Posted on Friday, December 19, 2008 in Gift Guide, Wallet Wise

Is this year any different than years past? Yes and No. Expectations for holiday tipping are still there, but the value doesn’t have to be as high. Everyone understands and would rather you come in and get your hair cut than not to avoid a tip. It is also O.K. to play favorites and give different values to each individual for their service. The suggestions for 2008 aren’t very different from years past, but you are only expected to give what you can. Remember, it is the season of giving.

 Dog Walker/ Cat Nanny- Cost of 1 weeks fee

Door Man- $20 - $100 (’07 Average was $50 pp)

Gardener- Up to the cost of 1 service

Hair Stylist/ Colorist- Double your usual tip or the cost of 1 visit

Babysitter- Cash or Gift up to 1-2 nights pay

Assistant- $50 Gift

Boss - Gift value $50 or under

Day Care Staff- Tip or Gift $20 - $80

House Cleaner - Cost of 1 visit

UPS Man- $20 or less Gift Card

Newspaper Carrier - Cost of 1 month subscription

Trainer- Cost of 1 session

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