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Jan 2

What to do with old Christmas Cards?

Posted on Friday, January 2, 2009 in Going Green, Wallet Wise

1. Use as next years Christmas tags, Just cut out what would make a pretty tag, punch a hole in the top with a paper-punch, and use a ribbon to attach to the gift.

2. Children’s Memory Game, Cut out matching size squares from construction paper and your Christmas cards and glue two together with a glue stick.

3. Cut out shapes i.e. stars, circles, etc and string them for ornaments for 2010.

4. Use them for Place Cards at your next dinner party.

5. Turn it into a post card and send a note to a friend.

6. Christmas Ornaments, use cookie cutters to draw shapes and cut out with shears or craft scissors. Punch a hole and string with a ribbon.

7. Bookmark, laminate and punch a whole and string with yarn.