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Posted on Monday, January 19, 2009 in Happy Home, Shopping Spree

Chalk surfaces are an interesting element worthy to bring into the home. Chalk boards stimulate creativity through doodling and can help organize a family or dinner party. Whether subtle through a candle, box or painting a patch in your kitchen it is a fun and trendy idea. The chalk paint has endless possibilities.


Chalk Board Candles














Whale Chalkboard













Chalk Cheese Trays

Wine and Cheese Party anyone….













Chalk Board Paint

Chalk paint is ideal for the molding of swinging doors, cabinets or the outside of a pantry door. It also easy to paint on a removable surface, like a metal pliable sheet, that can be placed over your fridge door or framed and hung.













Storage Tubs













Chalk Wall Paper Planes




  1. This is a great idea…it would add a great, homey touch to a kitchen. I might look into the chalk board paint idea…would be fun to write recipes up there when Rajat and I cook together.

  2. I chalkboard painted small clay flower pots filled them with dried beans and stuck a pin in them that I attached a flower to and gave them to the kids teachers for their desks at school. They were a huge hit. You can tie a piece of chalk to long string or ribbon and tape it to the bottom of the pot before filling the pot with beans then you will not misplace your chalk.

    Also my daughter got wooden frames at Ben Franklin for @ $1.00 and painted them with chalk paint — we attached chalk with a piece of ribbon and the kids loved being able to write on the frames — cheap, fun and easy gifts.

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