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Apr 20

I Hate Caterpillars

Posted on Monday, April 20, 2009 in Ding Dong, Going Green

easterntentcaterpillarsideviewI was in Amelia Island, FL for Easter and having a nice glass of wine before we went inside to dine at a wonderful restaurant called Plae. I noticed that the tables nearest the tree were vacant. I thought perfect…until I began to look around and the caterpillars were climbing all over the railings and stumbled onto the table and chairs. We decided we were going to tough it out for the outdoor enjoyment, but it was so hard to focus that I eventually gave up and went inside for a wonderful meal, so don’t not go! It reminded me of what is to come and so when I got home I armed myself for a caterpillar free 2009. 

I realized my hatred of caterpillars in the spring of 2008. It got so bad, in my mind of course, that I almost sold my house over it. After living in cities for 9 years I forgot the dominance of Mother Nature in the country. In 2008 I learned the hard way, I was too late too fight the good fight, but this year will be different.

I was in Pennsylvania this weekend and I visited the same spots I saw the nests in 2008 and they had already began “tenting”. Although I might be 1 month ahead of the game, I am going to do my best to prevent the infestation. 

gypsy-moth-trap-largetreetangleMy choice weapon is, Tanglefoot, it a chemical free pest management product. I pair this with Safer Brand, Caterpillar Killer spray for the leaves of any young low bearing trees or shrubs. And finally once the caterpillars become moths, I put out traps. I will be interested in seeing the difference my efforts make in 2009 and will keep you posted. 

Tent Caterpillars and Gypsy Moths severely damage tree growth and leaf production. Notify your town if the problem is persistent because the more complaints the more likely they are to regionally spray and address the problem. For more details, NY State Dept. of Environment.

Mar 24

Dyson- Worth Every Penny

Posted on Tuesday, March 24, 2009 in Ding Dong, Favorite Finds, Happy Home

dc17When I am asked, what it is I want for my birthday or Christmas most of the time I look to my closet and think, a purse, a necklace or pair of heels. Then later that same day I think of my home renovation list and fixing the patio or saving to replace the roof would be a practical gift. But since I received an early birthday gift this week I am calling the Dyson Vacuum the Gift of the Year! 

The only reason I was in the market for a vacuum is because I accidently locked my cat in a closet for 24 hours. Now every time I turn on the old vacuum it smells like cat! So it had to go! 

I would like to consider myself a patient and thorough shopper. After an ample amount of research every vacuum available at Best Buy, Amazon, etc. has negative reviews except Dyson. The only reason people don’t buy Dyson is because of the lofty price tag. (avg. $500) After 1 day of using the thing, I am here to tell you it is DYSON or DUST. 

A pet friendly and baby friendly house must be rid of dust, hair and germs and that is a challenge for even the most diligent home maker. A friend recently told me she vacuums just about every day and sometimes multiple times a day so I hope you are reading this and add the Dyson to your gift list! 

My husband thdyson-toolinks that I now seek out reasons to vacuum b/c it is fun. I purchased the DC17 aka “animal” and a few of the accessories including the mini turbine head. It is amazing. I was able to clean the couch from head to toe and while it is junk…it looks a whole lot better. I also used this tool on my zebra rug which collects every piece of dirt & lint and all new! The suction is insane and the small things about its usability all make so much sense. I think it is a work in progress transitioning from the Stone Age to modern Dysontime, but well worth the struggle.

Have a maid? Clean for yourself for 4 months and it pays for the Dyson!   

The Silver Lining: Dyson sells refurbished vacuums and I am so far very happy with mine. I have never been afraid to buy a refurbished machine b/c honestly they are the same as the original. You can still get a 6 mo warranty with refurbished vacuums through Dyson.

Dec 17

Any Clean Freaks Out There?

Posted on Wednesday, December 17, 2008 in Deep Dish, Ding Dong, Gift Guide, Going Green

Whether you are cleaning up after a dinner party or just general day to day stuff; the kitchen sink is the enemy. There is research to support that the average kitchen sponge contains approximately 50 Million bacteria, don’t believe me read on

If you already knew it is true, what do you do? These facts don’t get you out of cleaning and you don’t get to stuff the earth using paper towels for every job.

Searching high & low we have found some products that meet function, purpose and design.

For a Little Abrasion

The Dolls Sir La Table



Plastis IkeaI buy 10 at a time. The suction keep the scrubber in the sink, but off the basin floor.


Dispensing Brushes


Good Grips Container Store

Two for One:

Casacolor Scrubby Sponges  Better Homes and Gardens Store 100% natural cellulose& treated with Ultra-Fresh, an EPA registered anti-microbial and are biodegradable HOW GREEN OF YOU!



Twist Loofa Sponge Twist AND GREEN!


All Clad Anyone

Jetz-Scrubz Scrubber Sponge Gracious Home (Won’t scratch chrome, copper, stainless steel, anodized surfaces, non-stick cookware, glass, crystal, porcelain, china, ceramics and so on)


Their Containers:

Suction Sponge Holders Target  

Oxo Sunction Basket Amazon



Frog Sponge Holder Etsy & KitchenKapers Or if you prefer a monkey, KitchenWorks

Dec 12

Need a Boost this Month?

Posted on Friday, December 12, 2008 in Beauty Boutique, Ding Dong, Toxic Twists

Holiday parties, shopping, day long family get-togethers, drinking, eating and all the classic traditions this month bring with them tired eyes and exhausted bodies….stay ahead of any colds and find a little extra energy with these available products.

 Airborne:  Supporting your immune system is our focus, enabling you to be proactive about your own health. The immune system is a balanced network of cell and organs that works together to help keep your body healthy. The Airborne health formula is a blend of vitamins and minerals. It’s unique blend of herbal extracts all work together to create the formula that people swear by.





Emergen-C: You know what takes energy? Living. Emergen-C is loaded with 1,000 milligrams of Vitamin C , fully stocked with those energy-boosting B vitamins and it has a whole bunch of minerals and electrolytes to top it all off. It’s the natural, non-caffeinated health and energy boost that comes in just about every flavor you can imagine.


FRS: Whether stomping the pedals, pounding the pavement or just needing to stay on your toes, everyone can benefit from the sustained energy of FRS. FRS Healthy Energy is the perfect way to shift gears before a workout, help you recover after a day on the playground, chase around town or help those extra pounds at bay.



Odwalla: Easy to C. This Sweet C-ferrying smoothie blends orange juice, peach puree, apple juice, pureed guava, pineapple juice, acerola cherry juice, raspberry puree and passionfruit juice. Each 8fl ox serving contains 1000% DV of Vitamin C- an important antioxidant that your body needs. It neutralizes free radicals and plays and important role in supporting a healthy immune system. With multiple sources of Vitamin C in a delicious multi-fruit smoothing, this Monster is a wonderful way to “C for Yourself”



 Juice Plus Juice Plus+ provides the nutrition from 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains in convenient and inexpensive capsule form.  Juice Plus+ Orchard Blend contains seven of the most nutritious fruits around: apples, oranges, pineapple, cranberries, peaches, acerola cherries, and papaya.  Juice Plus+ Garden Blend contains ten nutrient-dense vegetables and grains: carrots, parsley, beets, kale, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, and rice bran and oat bran. 


To Purchase:


Exercise Hitting the gym or taking a brisk walk can increase energy levels and fight fatigue. Find the gym nearest you through the link above,

Nov 25

Non-Wine Charm Charms

Posted on Tuesday, November 25, 2008 in Ding Dong, Gift Guide, Toxic Twists

Wine Charms serve a great purpose for all those who love to entertain. The standard has been a metal ring and beads that clank, clink and swing around the bottom of the stem. Here are some cool alternatives that will make great gifts too.


Vino Taqz
















Wine Lines


















Chic Charms (UK)–LDV950601-details.htm
















Wine Glass Decals WINNER!

Expect to see these in PA this summer