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Thanks to years of various zip codes, southern friends, northern parents, mid west in laws and taste of the west I find myself in awe of living and its many possibilities. Mellow Mint is resource for those who seek style in life, goods, services, and self.


Mellow Mint is a lifestyle blog



is a state of mind, free of stress

is an adjective that describes many wonderful wines

is a decorating style

is how yoga makes me feel

reminds me of Mellow Yellow and Cole Trickle



is a flavor

is a color

is currency

is an herb

with Chocolate Chips is the best ice cream flavor


What else, but endless possibilities.


Mellow Mint is a lifestyle blog: categories to look out for:


Happy Home- decorating & design

Deep Dish- food & entertaining

Toxic Twists - exploring all varietals

Beauty Box- face, body and hair

Gift Guide- becuase its all about giving

Wallet Wise- for those fiscally responsible

Style Showdown - clothes and accessories

Drool n’ Diapers- baby things

Ticket Trips - places to go and things to do