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Jan 13

Cozy & Cute All Winter Long

Posted on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 in Shopping Spree

On January 4th, the first day back from vacation, my brother said those dreadful words “now is when the city gets really freakin’ cold” and boy did it. This week the weather-man said 8 degrees at night and 18 for a high, what is that? I hate to say it northerners we have had three very subtle winters in a row….so we are due. But, knowing is half the battle, so prepare your self and stay warm.


We all have heard that our body heat escapes from our head so what a perfect place to start.  



Solid colors and structure for work

Weekends are a fun time to play with beanies and poms

Trends include- Fur and oversize berets

* To Combat Flat Hair, take your side swept bangs or the top of your part back towards the crown of your head and barrette it and then put on your hat.


Classic Winter Hat













Oversized Beret



























Bucket Hat














Tie Back Cloche















Stitched Aster Cloche















Knotted Chapeau