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Mar 13

Catalogue Shopping is Back- Boden USA

Posted on Friday, March 13, 2009 in Shopping Spree

I remember going to JC Penny with my mom when I was young and fingering through the 1000 page catalogues in the back of the store. I remember Eddie Bauer had phone stations set up along a wall for catalogue only orders. Catalogue shopping seems to be a concept of the past, but since I discovered Boden…I think I might reconsider the advantages. 

I will admit that having this blog gave me the first level of validation to order $1k worth of items and the magazines enticing offer of 15% off Plus free shipping & returns sealed the deal. No harm in trying right? I ordered solely from their spring collection and since my thermometer read 28 degrees this morning, I am in no hurry to put them all on! 

Good thing it is not spring, b/c the order takes a minimum of 2 weeks to arrive. My rather large order arrived over 6 shipments and I am still waiting on 2 items estimated to arrive in April. My husband at one point said, “it wouldn’t be a normal day if there wasn’t a Boden bag in the mail box.” 

Now you ask, am I happy with my order and I give it a 90% satisfaction! 

I have 90 days to make my decisions and ship the items back so I still have all the pieces and deciding based on what else I have seen on the local shelves of my favorite stores to keep and send back. 

The best thing about Boden is the women are very honest about their feedback. If you take two seconds to read the comments you will read a person’s evaluation with your similar body type and see if they liked the piece and order accordingly.

Once you know your size with Boden’s fabrics and styles I imagine the success rate will be very high. Whether you have tummy, chest, thigh or a butt thing…the styles are darling and there is something for everyone! 

I found the styles to be mature and current; preppy but fashionable. I thought the price points were spot on and I was happy to pay $58 for a cute sleeveless top and $98 for a fitted jacket.  I keep going back to the catalogue and wish I had bought a few more things that are fitting like gloves, but maybe I will wait for the Summer Catalogue and shop locally to fill in the rest of my wardrobe gaps. 

I bought….wide leg drawstring pantsuptown chinos, wide leg cotton turn ups, textured cotton blazer, double layer jersey dress, rivera dress, Ibiza kaftan, merino tunic, uptown top, tie back shirt, crinkle jersey shirt, printed cotton top, vintage rose top, textured Henley, favorite V-neck cardigan, chino short, suede top plimsolls, & a skinny plaited belt

The sizes are UK sizes so get comfortable with a size up in number! I found the clothes to be well made and look forward to many more seasons with Boden

P.S. I am considering keeping12 out of 18.

Feb 10

Shop Your Closet Day…

Posted on Tuesday, February 10, 2009 in Shopping Spree, Wallet Wise


This time of year buying the whole outfit doesn’t always make the most economical sense. Here in NYC there are at least 2 more months left of winter and sales are everywhere because spring lines are waiting in the wings to take over the shelves.  If you are anything like me, your closet is filled with in-style, out-of-style, premier designers, economy brands and a few staples. In attempt to be a fashion savyy dresser, the ultimate conundrum is where to spend your money and make the most of your closet.  

Since starting Mellow Mint, I collect images of well dressed people from magazines and clothing catalogues making note of items I think would look good on my body type, are trendy, and show different ways to wear something I already own. I stuffed these images in a drawer and did little with them, until yesterday. 

THE STORY: This weekend, there was a shoe sale 75% off winter shoes plus I had a $20 off coupon from my fashionista shopping sale site. Based on a positive experience this time of year in ‘08, I knew I was looking for a pair of boots. The dress code in NYC is boots and my current pair was getting a serious workout. I found a comfortable neutral light brown pair boots and suede tan wedges for spring. 

When I got home, my husband wanted to see what I bought and the buyer’s remorse set it. Did I really need these, were they excessive, necessary and did they add to my wardrobe. I tried the boots on with my skinny jeans and they didn’t look at hot as I hoped. I tried the wedges on and he said “not a fan”. I started looking through my closet and rifling around and quickly said, oh well I can return them and I hate all my clothes. 

THE SOLUTION: I came across my image collection and started pulling out a few items that matched the images. Little by little I started putting together combinations that I had not yet done this season. Keeping in mind the two new pairs of shoes, an article titled ‘Now & Later’ from LUCKY Magazine and another titled ‘25 days of outfits’. I designed 11 new outfits. I took notes to remind myself of these new outfits, but if you are interested in setting up an online catalogue of outfit options, explore Polyvore.

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