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Jan 5


Posted on Monday, January 5, 2009 in Shopping Spree

Whether it is your new year’s resolution be more creative or simply part of your personality to be unique, here is one product that helps cater to your freedom of expression; Bespoke. 

Launched in New York’s SOHO at 21 Mercer this past November Nike released Bespoke. Bespoke allows buyers to switch out 31 parts to the ever popular Air Force 1 shoe including base, overlay, accent, lining, stitching, outsole, laces and deubre. The ability to choose from 82 colors and iconic materials has attracted a decent amount of celebrity support. The process takes about 4 weeks to complete and at $820 a pair these shoes might only be open to the very serious shoe connoisseur. To make an appointment you have to visit the 21 Mercer location.

Don’t be discouraged if Bespoke is not in your budget, check out NikeiD. NikeiD opened in 1999 and offers online creation or in-store consultation at a participating Niketown. Choose from a variety of styles make your next pair of kicks your own.

Here my the MellowMintiD…